A Brother's Bond #2020

A Brother's Bond By Lee Tobin McClain A Brother s Bond Stranded with the suspect After rescuing a beautiful stranger from a seemingly random rock slide a snowstorm leaves disabled veteran Adam Calloway no choice but to put her up at his remote mountain g
  • Title: A Brother's Bond
  • Author: Lee Tobin McClain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Brother's Bond By Lee Tobin McClain Stranded with the suspect After rescuing a beautiful stranger from a seemingly random rock slide, a snowstorm leaves disabled veteran Adam Calloway no choice but to put her up at his remote mountain getaway But when he realizes who Karen Smith is and why she s here, all he knows for sure is that he has to get rid of her and fast Because Karen wants to find out what reaStranded with the suspect After rescuing a beautiful stranger from a seemingly random rock slide, a snowstorm leaves disabled veteran Adam Calloway no choice but to put her up at his remote mountain getaway But when he realizes who Karen Smith is and why she s here, all he knows for sure is that he has to get rid of her and fast Because Karen wants to find out what really happened to her younger brother, killed in these mountains nine years ago And if she solves the cold case, she ll destroy Adam s fragile sister whom he s vowed to protect with his life As Adam and Karen wait out the storm together, they care for Adam s sister and her child and face mysterious threats from the outside world Why does Karen keep getting warning texts on her phone Who would toss a brick through Adam s picture window And what kind of maniac would try to set fire to a house with four people inside, one of them a vulnerable child Working together to keep everyone safe, Adam and Karen come to admire each other s strengths, and the two loners begin to fall in love But Karen is getting closer to the truth that could put Adam s sister behind bars and leave her son without a mother The threats keep escalating And Adam starts to wonder if he can fulfill the vow to serve and protect that he made as a teenager at the Covenant School and whether he really understands anything at all about what happened all those years ago This Christian
    A Brother's Bond By Lee Tobin McClain

    A Brother s Bond Sacred Bond Guardians, by Lee Tobin A Brother s Bond book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers Stranded with the suspect After rescuing a beautiful stranger fr A Brother s Bond Christian Romantic Suspense Sacred . out of stars A Brother s Bond A Christian Romantic Suspence Reviewed in the United States on January , Verified Purchase Do not bypass this story because it might be preachy The story is about the death years prior of Karen Smith s brother Jared, when A Brother s Bond on Apple Books Sep , A brother s bond Enjoyed the book auntie Jfdb , A Brother s Bond Great story Poor Jared, but a great ending Beanery Queen More Books by Lee Tobin McClain See All A Bond at Risk Low Country Hero A Western Bond A Bond of Vengeance A Bond Fulfilled Low Country Christmas. Pre Orders Open for Limited Edition Brother s Bond Bourbon Nov , With the official release of Brother s Bond bourbon coming in a few short months, pre orders are now live for a limited edition bottle on ReserveBar The duo announced the holiday exclusive through their mailing list, and not only will you get the bottle when it launches early next year, if you place an order by November at p.m ET, you ll also receive a greeting card and special video A Brother s Bond The Khalada Stone, by Russell Meek A Brother s Bond is a chunky fantasy read, with a slow moving and intensely detailed plot, a vast cast of characters, and a compelling sibling relationship between the two leads It took me a few weeks to get through, as it has been a whiiiiile since I read the first book and there is a lot going on in this series. A Brother s Bond United Service Organizations Jun , My brother is buried at the Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, near where I spent weekends in ROTC training The story of our bond doesn t end with his burial It s been carried forward to my deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and created a bond not only between Anthony and me, but also our grandfather who served in the Korean War. Brother s Bond Bourbon Brother s Bond Bourbon is a story of time and quality Sign up and over time we will reveal our newest collaboration Our online merchandise store is now open Check out our curated collection at storeothersbondbourbon Each moment of our brotherhood has inspired us to create this exceptional Bourbon to share with you Cheers, Ian Paul. Pre Orders Open For Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley s Limited Nov , Brother s Bond Bourbon, according to those behind it, is done up as a four grain, high rye bourbon that s % corn, % rye, an unknown amount of wheat and an unknown about of barley It is distilled from % copper column and pot doubler distillation, and then aged years in virgin American oak, barrel staves char, barrel

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    401 thoughts on “A Brother's Bond”

    1. Not sure if I ll read this entire series, but did enjoy this one Couldn t guess who the culprit was Great story and enjoyed the ending

    2. The moment I started reading the story I was hooked and thought I was going to love this book That wasn t the case While the story was good I had a strong feeling who was behind the troubles that kept happening, and I ended up being right, though I wasn t sure at the time why this person would do it I might continue reading this series, but it s not high on my list I will say that if you enjoy Christian suspense story, you should give this a read since it s currently free for the Kindle.3.5 star [...]

    3. Do you need a second opinion on this book Visit and explore oceanpearlbooks.wordpress OceanPearl Books endeavors to provide well informed book reviews, business readings, parenting tips, and consulting services for our clients worldwide And it s all for Free OceanPearl Books Book ReviewKaren Smith is sent by her dying mother to discover the circumstances of her brother s death Desperately wishing for her mother s approval, she sets out to defy the authorities of a small, mountaintop village of W [...]

    4. Mystery and romanceChristian romance not too preachy Hero and heroine work to strengthen their faith and overcome realistic trials dysfunctional families, PTSD, physical handicaps, low self esteem, etc As they work together to find out the truth behind a tragic incident involving his sister and her brother, love starts blooming between them Will the truth really set them free

    5. Dramatic suspense throughout the bookWell written story line with interesting characters reacting off of each other It is difficult to figure out what will be happening next The plot was not difficult to follow however it was not easy to figure the next step I love the Christian testimony and the fact they were portrayed as being less than perfect.

    6. Holds your interestWell written story We listen to a book a week and I m giving this a 5 star rating Well done.

    7. Awesome storyline This book is amazing Loved it The twists and turns kept me riveted Adam and Karen are a very nice couple Looking forward to of these books

    8. This is a gotta read.This was a most enjoyable read Good characters, great plot filled with suspense plus a happy ending What could you ask for

    9. Needs better editingGood read but several mess ups Female character has blue eyes but male character said they were green Uncle Seth but should have been uncle Adam Other then that story was good.

    10. Great book Kept my interest from the very beginning Great example of being in a storm, trusting God and He shows the way out

    11. This story was fast paced from beginning to end The characters were well developed and animated The author kept the story moving, never depending on minutia to lengthen it I just really enjoyed it.

    12. This was an interesting story, but the idea of a brother, son, or friend breaking laws of the land, or laws of conscience to protect someone they care for didn t make since to me Maybe I am too logical, but it bothered me That alone made the story unsatisfying to me Otherwise the pacing and the storytelling was ok The story was too clean as far as sex is concerned I get that it is a Christian story, and that they are trying to save themselves but still, the natural emotions between love interest [...]

    13. I really liked the story line a lot It had several twists that kept you guessing However, there were a lot of inconsistencies, too, and that bothered me a lot Karen hurt her knee pretty bad but it was only referred to when it was convenient for the story otherwise, there were times when she was supposedly running, climbing stairs, taking out garbage, going for walks, getting up from being pushed down when shot at, etc without any problem at all At one point Karen was able to easily take her boot [...]

    14. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book This is the first Christian suspenseful novel I have read, and I have to admit that I was a little nervous up front There is some darkness to it and some difficult topics However I thought the author did a great job of keeping my interest and making sure to include God in the story Karen is trying to find out what happened to her brother that mysteriously died The police reports claim it was a hunting accident, but Karen and her dying mother feel otherwise [...]

    15. Karen was asked by her dying mother to investigate the truth about her brother Jared s death Years earlier he was accused of raping a girl and getting her pregnant She supposedly killed him in self defense Karen and her mother strongly suspect this to be not true Karen drives to a small mountain town and while on snowy roads a rock avalanche occurs nearly knocking her and her car off the cliff Adam, who was tracking in the woods, happens to be nearby and rescues her Because of the weather she is [...]

    16. Karen and Adam have the same mission to protect their family Karen s brother was died with everyone believing he was killed in a hunting accident while he was raping a young woman Now that her mother is about to die, she would like to have the peace of knowing that her son died honorably Karen goes into the mountains to learn the truth Unfortunately, the truth is something Adam has to protect his sister from Nobody can ever know what happened on that faithful day when his nephew was conceived Hi [...]

    17. The author hooked me with the first page and kept me interested so it was an enjoyable read with a lot of action and character development Unfortunately, there were some editorial problems like mixing up two characters names for example and some sentences that didn t make sense The characters were engaging and believable, but I felt that most of the secondary character men were a little too stereotyped as womanizers While the end was surprising, and the author did a good job of keeping us guessi [...]

    18. Disabled veteran Adam rescues Karen on the road to his home from a landslide He is immediately drawn to her peace and strength of character, but wants to get her away from him, his sister, and her son when he realizes she is after information about the death of her younger brother He believes his sister s fragile hold on reality will shatter if the truth is discovered A snow storm follows them to his cabin and they get to know one another and care for his sister s son Karen s life is again threa [...]

    19. This was a very intriguing story that pulled me in from the first page Adam Calloway left the military to come home to W Va to take care of his younger sister, Mandy, after she is attacked in the woods near their home Adam is a writer of outdoor guides and one day while out hiking her hears a huge noise and runs to see that a boulder has struck the side of a small car Karen Smith has traveled to Deer Junction, Virginia to find out what happened to cause her brother Jared s death When the boulder [...]

    20. Adam is dealing with PTSD from military duty and trying to help his sister and her childe when he finds Karen in her car that has been smashed by falling boulders on the mountain road going to his home Karen had come to the area to investigate the death of her brother nearly 8 yrs prior Boulders are falling, bullets are flying, what could be the cause of all these, but that someone s hiding something about her brothers death and they definitely do NOT want anyone to find out What else will happe [...]

    21. This is the first book by author Lee Tobin McClain that I have read, but it won t be the last A Brother s Bond is a superb romantic suspense, with flawed and intriguing characters, danger around every curve literally , an innocent at risk, and high stakes all around The mountain setting is critical, and the mystery the heroine is trying to solve the same one the hero wants to conceal kept me turning the pages right to the end.The faith journey of the main characters is an integral part of the st [...]

    22. A Brother s Bond by Lee Tobin McClain is the first book in the Sacred Bond Guardians.Note This is a series and reading each book enriches your reading experience.Each book s main character is a Sacred bond guardian and is connected with military or law enforcement I loved this book because it gave me non stop suspense with a good dose of romance.Our main character Adam is a disabled Vet living with his sister and nephew.Kate, the female character comes to Adam looking for answers in the death of [...]

    23. This is the first book in the Sacred Bond Guardians Series and it definitely kicks off the series in a big way This picks up with some of the characters from this author s Sacred Bond Series and even this can be read as a standalone, I do recommend the initial series also This book follows the story of Kate, a woman trying to uncover the events behind her brother s death, and Adam, a disabled vet whose sister was a witness to the events but is suffering from traumatic shock The author has combin [...]

    24. Interesting concept, there s a group of men out there, with a bond to protect those in the community in which they live, though they re spread out all over the U.S Here we meet Adam, ex military and now living in a certain amount of solitude in the mountains, where he is keeping a protective eye on his sister and her son Past troubles cause the appearance of Karen who arrives on the mountain looking for the truth surrounding her brothers death Immediately her own life is now in danger, and here [...]

    25. I was very pleasantly surprised by this free Christian romance e book Karen and Adam are thrown together in a mystery surrounding the death of Karen s brother and the rape of Adam s sister from years ago Their attraction grows steadily as the mystery continues to unfold I was very pleased with how the author gave the characters life and made you really root for them I will be frank, though there are a couple of scenes, one in particular, that focus on the growing physical attraction between them [...]

    26. I can t even give an accurate review of this book The story might have been good, but the writing must have come from a new writer The thought that it s written by a seasoned author would be just wrong Love bloomed in just a few days, but it didn t flow There was constantly one person ticked at the other, hiding truths, no true chemistry, and not believable Adam s sister being a recluse for 8 years because she saw her boyfriend killed just didn t seem realistic She acted like she was raped and t [...]

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