Picking Up the Pieces #2020

Picking Up the Pieces By Elizabeth Hayley Picking Up the Pieces After a myriad of mistakes and a devastating breakup Lily Hamilton is no longer the impulsive selfish person she had once been Now she longs for the chance to make it up to the one person she knows
  • Title: Picking Up the Pieces
  • Author: Elizabeth Hayley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Picking Up the Pieces By Elizabeth Hayley After a myriad of mistakes and a devastating breakup, Lily Hamilton is no longer the impulsive, selfish person she had once been Now, she longs for the chance to make it up to the one person she knows holds the key to her happiness But can he get beyond who she was and love her for who she is now Or is history destined to repeat itself Adam Carter has gone through his oAfter a myriad of mistakes and a devastating breakup, Lily Hamilton is no longer the impulsive, selfish person she had once been Now, she longs for the chance to make it up to the one person she knows holds the key to her happiness But can he get beyond who she was and love her for who she is now Or is history destined to repeat itself Adam Carter has gone through his own metamorphosis His days of serial monogamy are long gone, and he s been burying his hurt by dating women he has no intention of committing to But when he sees Lily for the first time in months, he s reminded of the man he used to be the man he wants to try and be again for her.Max Samson is on the downward spiral from hell Drinking and meaningless sex have taken over his life once again, causing him to revert back to the man he d been before Lily fell into his life But when his mother invites Lily back into his world, he suddenly remembers how good it felt to have her there Even if he might not get to keep her.Find out how Lily gets her happily ever after in this final installment of her story This book is recommended for mature audiences due to language and unbelievably awesome sexual content.
    Picking Up the Pieces By Elizabeth Hayley

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      Elizabeth Hayley is actually Elizabeth and Hayley, two friends who love reading romance novels to obsessive levels This mutual love prompted them to put their English degrees to good use by penning their own The product is Pieces of Perfect, their debut novel They learned a ton about one another through the process, like how they clearly share a brain and have a persistent need to text each other constantly much to their husbands chagrin They live with their husbands and kids in a suburb of Philadelphia Thankfully, their children are still too young to read Elizabeth Hayley s writing motto is best captured by the words of Patrick Dennis I always start with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind We split the time on , so those of you who have been communicating with us get pieces of each of us We appreciate all of your support

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    1. I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review This is the conclusion story to Pieces of Perfect POP Elizabeth Hayley has done a great job formulating this story to get to the end of Lily, Max, Adam s story When we leave off in POP Lily is in an airplane headed to Europe after sabotaging the two sexual relationships she was a part of though neither man new about the other until it was too late In Picking Up the Pieces it s time for Lily to get her act together, to be a grown up Whatever th [...]

    2. 5 star review of Picking Up the PiecesNever has a book with a love triangle wrecked me than Pieces of Perfect There was no closure, and it was all I thought about for weeks So when I got an advance copy, I was than willing to read because, after all she was going to pick between Max and Adam Then I wouldn t feel like I needed a paper bag to breathe into so much any I would know where Lily stood Do you know how difficult it is for an author to make you fall in love with both men I mean there wa [...]

    3. Very HOT scenes, but still several things that annoyed me with this book view spoiler Lily still didn t seem to know who or what she wanted, and wasn t being true to herself For a majority of this book Max didn t fight for her and actually tell her how he felt Adam turned into a douche in this book, but Lily should ve realised right near the beginning that he wasn t going to trust her again.I didn t like that for 90% of the book she was with Adam It then felt like things were too rushed with Max [...]

    4. 2 starsThis novelwas a mess, seriously I hate Lily, she s a whore If she was given the chance to repeat the past, she would She thought she might be in love with Max, but then, she s still dating Adam, whore I love the ending, that s probably the only thing that I likee from the 1st few chapters in book 1 when Adam didn t exist.

    5. 3 I MAX Stars I guess that happens when your expectations for a sequel are too high view spoiler I m a little disappointed I loooooved the first book The sequel Not so much Maybe I m a little biased For me it was always Max He was perfect for Lilly In the end the finally end up together But they were seperated for the most part of the book There were far too few scenes between Lilly and Max And it took her too long to realize that she always loved Max hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br

    6. Good read Kept you guessing There was laughter, drama, love, heartbreak, heartwarming everything that I could get in books that I love.

    7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the story of Lily, Max and Adam Now, this review might come out a little confusing since I don t want to give anything away and I was warned at the end of the book not to do so LOL Anyway, I couldn t wait for this story to continue I went in wanting the story to go one way I had my favorite from book one and then I panicked at first because it looked like maybe it wasn t going to happen However, at the end everything turned around and worked out the way I wanted Even the other p [...]

    8. 5 Star Perfect Endingok, So I am sooooo damn happy she ended up with who I thought from the get go YAY My only issue is I just wished this story had wrapped up quicker, it dragged way too long for me personally especially where it was so obvious who she was truly in love with, lol But overall, I LOVED this mini series

    9. 4.5 stars I would ve given it a 5 had it not seem to drag on for so long In the end, I was so glad she ended up with the one she did I just wish we d had a little than 9% of the book and an epilogue to enjoy them together.

    10. 3.5 stars rounded up Ok soObviously I m the odd man out here This was NOT a bad story It s just that the first one was SO VERY good this just fell flat for me and left me a little bored On a bright note.e did end up with the guy I had hope for since book one.

    11. This was a brilliant book2 , so funny and romantic , the pages couldn t turn fast enough for me to see who got the HEA , what a love triangle , I was so happy with the ending

    12. I was given an ARCI wish I could give this book than 5 stars Elizabeth Haley did it once again This book has it all Amazingly HOT scenes, along with so much humor It s a must read

    13. Well what can I say, I really enjoyed the first book, thought the second one started off well but fell flat somewhere along the line, Lilly is a spoiled brat, but loved her friends

    14. Never has a book with a love triangle wrecked me than Pieces of Perfect There was no closure, and it was all I thought about for weeks So when I got an advance copy, I was than willing to read because, after all she was going to pick between Max and Adam Then I wouldn t feel like I needed a paper bag to breathe into so much any I would know where Lily stood Do you know how difficult it is for an author to make you fall in love with both men I mean there was always one I was leaning towards any [...]

    15. Picking Up the Pieces by Elizabeth HayleyUNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLY AWESOME Lily, Adam, Max5 Mutha Effin stars You re killing me I mean seriously girls, I had major book hangovers after Pieces of Perfect and Sex Snob now you totally fuck with my heart and soul over this one Jaw drops This story was so compelling that I could not put this down, I could not even speak In fact, I think the only thing I could do was white knuckle it through this mix of emotions my body seemed to crave This story, these ch [...]

    16. Picking up the Pieces is the conclusion of the story Pieces of Perfect and features characters from the novel Sex Snob as well I was so excited to get this book, I LOVED Pieces of Perfect and was dying to find out who Lily ended up with DYING This story picks up right wear Pieces of Perfect left off and Lily is alone and has been traveling Europe Picking Up the Pieces is told from the point of views from Lily, Adam, and Max, which does help see and understand some of the decisions these characte [...]

    17. This is book two in a series and you MUST read Pieces of Perfect first, since Picking Up the Pieces is a continuation of book one Here is my review of Pieces of Perfect Picking Up the Pieces picks up after Pieces of Perfect left us all breathless and in shock Right off the bat I knew I was going to have a love hate issue with Lily and her men, love triangle stress me out but this one is written so well, it is easy to forget you should be torn in your decision I will admit that I liked how Elizab [...]

    18. Here are just a few thoughts I had reading the first chapter of the book.I knew that I loved Max How can you not But thenUGH This is not how you mend a broken heart OK, time to go to page 3 I know I am bad but I had to get that off my mind.Lily, after choosing herself at the end of her last book she is back home from her long vacation and feels that she has got her self back She feels that she understands why she made the choices that she did and will not make the same mistakes twice She knows w [...]

    19. I ll openly admit i ve been impatiently waiting for this to be released and although i hated waiting, it was definitely worth it As always with Elizabeth Hayley, the story, characters and editing are absolutely fantastic Picking up the pieces starts nearly five months after Lilys love life went to hell, and we meet up again with Lily, Adam and Max, who have all definitely changed due to what happened Following a phone call, and an unexpected meeting, Lily once again finds herself stuck in the mi [...]

    20. 4.5 5 stars This will probably be one of the worst reviews I will ever do Not because I didn t like the book but because I don t want to be one of those assholes that unintentionally give something away and then all you crazies know who Lilly ended up being with in the end Of course the journey to discover who she wanted wasn t an easy task, especially since we got all three point of views this time in the story So I had to experience all the emotions from all three It wasn t easy to read and I [...]

    21. After Lilly s romance disaster her parents send her to Europe for the summer to find herself she believes she does that and she has been selfish and wants to become a better person she wants Adam back, but she knows that probably won t happen and she believes Max isn t good for her She receives a phone call from Max s mother advising her that Max needs a friend and he is self destruct mode Lil finds Max and they become friends again and keep it friends only but if Max had his way, he would want [...]

    22. Picking up the Pieces is the sequel to Pieces of Perfect and what a great sequel it is POP was one of my favorite books of last year and Picking up the Pieces is a favorite this year Lily comes back stronger than ever in this installment She was broken in the first installment and now she s working on mending herself, plus the bridges she s burned But, with the paths she needs to mend will she end up losing herself again in the process Or will she finally be able to pick up the pieces and move o [...]

    23. Still torn between two lovers, Lily has taken the summer off, traveling to various museums in Europe and ostensibly to re examine her life In particular, she is trying to assess her total mess up of her love life, which cost her a good friend in Max and her love in Adam, and make changes act grownup in this follow up novel to Pieces of Perfect Told from the perspective of each of the main characters Lily, Max, and Adam , the reader is invited into their thoughts as well as their take on their v [...]

    24. We join Lily, Max, and Adam several months after the big blow up from Pieces of Perfect, seeing how they are all trying to recuperate and attempt to go back to their previous lives It becomes quite clear how easily someone can put on a front, be stuck in the past and hurting so much, you can t help feel so sad for all three characters All it takes is a Mom those all knowing moms, to push someone to change, and to get Lily to make first contact with Max Their first few encounters are a little st [...]

    25. Picking Up the Pieces starts off about 5 months after the events after Pieces of Perfect Lily has gone through some serious ups and downs, and now she is ready to face the proverbial music She s changed in a lot of ways, but her character still shines through This book is told in all 3 characters perspectives, which I LOVED I so enjoyed getting the chance to step into each of their minds throughout the book, and the changing perspectives kept it fresh and engaging throughout These perspectives a [...]

    26. 5 Stars It has been delicious waiting for this, eek So exciting waiting to find out who she ends up with I loved this so much Lily is back from her trip and back to school, although we don t get too much from school, but what we did omfg the new teacher Fabulous having Adam Max s pov I was hysterical at Adam the Halloween costume for Eva So cute to see, but he did get on my tats a bit Maybe as I am team Max 0 i don t know lol I thought Adam had ink time than Max and sometimes he seemed whiny Pl [...]

    27. I have been waiting for this book for what seems like FOREVER Finally, we get to know each of Lily, Adam and Max s fates Believe me when I say you will NOT be disappointed This book is so fantastic, I d give it 100 stars if I could.When we last left Lily she was juggling two men, one was the perfect guy you take home to mom, Adam The other was the hot guy you keep locked up in your bedroom, Max When both men finally found out about each other, Lily was left alone with a broken heart and the read [...]

    28. 4.5 stars Picking up the Pieces begins about 6 months after Pieces of Perfect ends and we are immediately thrust back into the worlds of Lily, Max and Adam, a Love Triangle that tore at my heart for all of the characters I loved that we got all of their POV s throughout the book, so we got to experience all of their emotions as they went thru them I had a favorite man and my love for his character grew even in this book without giving to much away, Lily was finally in a better place for herself [...]

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