The Poisoned Rose #2021

The Poisoned Rose By Daniel Judson The Poisoned Rose To a corrupt chief of police intent on maintaining his power at all costs part time PI Declan Mac MacManus is a problem that must finally be addressed Cursed with an unwavering sense of right and wro
  • Title: The Poisoned Rose
  • Author: Daniel Judson
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  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Poisoned Rose By Daniel Judson To a corrupt chief of police intent on maintaining his power at all costs, part time PI Declan Mac MacManus is a problem that must finally be addressed Cursed with an unwavering sense of right and wrong, and a fierce loyalty to his few friends, Mac has become known as someone the working class of Southampton can turn to in times of desperate need On a rain swept nightTo a corrupt chief of police intent on maintaining his power at all costs, part time PI Declan Mac MacManus is a problem that must finally be addressed Cursed with an unwavering sense of right and wrong, and a fierce loyalty to his few friends, Mac has become known as someone the working class of Southampton can turn to in times of desperate need On a rain swept night in October, Mac witnesses a brutal homicide, but he has learned that nothing on the East End is ever what it seems Determined to hunt down an elusive hired killer before he can strike again, Mac is reunited with what is left of a prominent family he once knew well But something something darker than Mac could have possibly foreseen is at play here, and as a long hidden secret threatens to emerge, Mac once again becomes the only hope for justice in a town that all too clearly belongs to the rich and powerful.
    The Poisoned Rose By Daniel Judson

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      152 Daniel Judson
    The Poisoned Rose

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    1. Daniel Judson

      DANIEL JUDSON, a Shamus Award winner and a four time finalist, is the author of five previous novels, most recently The Violet Hour He attended Southampton College, and his time in the Hamptons particularly the parts that don t make the society pages was the inspiration for the setting and characters in Voyeur He now lives in Connecticut.

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    1. Gloomy, depressing.Great reviews were written about this book, but definitely for me too much violence Main character knows about his short comings, like drinking, but he keeps doing it over and over This story was full of incompetent, sycophantic characters and was depressing to read.

    2. Great book.Read this book all night Could not put it down I m looking forward to the next book in this series

    3. Crooked cops, evil politics collided.Great descriptive story line and character development Good read Now on to the next book of theNext of the trilogy.

    4. Good readWill read others by Judson New author for me Good story teller and we ll developed characters.Four words were req d.

    5. The Poisoned Rose Daniel Judson Prequel or sequel This review is from The Poisoned Rose Book One of The Gin Palace Trilogy Revised January 2013 Kindle Edition First, whatever formatting problems there might have been in early Kindle editions are not present now, at least I found none,Second, this book, The Poisoned Rose, is part of a trilogy Apparently, it was the second book of the three, but serves as a prequel to the set it s noticeable because there are some untied threads floating through t [...]

    6. When I was about 25 pages into this book, I thought I do not like this guy, the protagonist, it is too violent Full of misery BUT, the writing is SO good, I kept on readying it I began to like the protagonist as I began to understand him, but I was often impatient with him living his life out of guilt However, this guilt propelled the story in a way that kept me going He is an unusual man, one who feels compelled to help people out of horrific circumstances He has just a few people in his life, [...]

    7. So I ve been reading a lot of lady novels Romancing and such I thought I might need a break from the fluff said classic mystery novel and such.I ma let the Elvis Costello references go for now Even if this title and subsequent titles reference EC up the wazoo.Yeah Declan MacManus.This is a bro book Bro drinks a lot A LOT He s pulled out of ingnominy by friends he didn t know he wanted or that he had Apparently he had a propensity for rescuing people Apparently he was the kind of guy who couldn t [...]

    8. Exciting intoxicating bookOne of the best books I ve read this year Excellent character development and fabulous plot points So excited to start the next book in the series It was hard write this review because I m itching to start the next book.

    9. Not my favorite, the main character is not someone you really want to know Maybe the other two will be better

    10. Extraordinarily good read.Absolutely delighted that I downloaded the free offer on Book Bub and surprised at how good it was.The book was a superbly evocative creation of time and place, drawing you in from the very outset and with interesting, well drawn characters, I found myself reading late into the night.The main protagonist Mac is obviously damaged goods, whose background is slowly, but never fully revealed, clearly leaving development in the next two books of the trilogy If I do have a c [...]

    11. This is an exceptionally exciting detective thriller PI Mac MacManus is a down on his luck PI who is drawn into a job that he regrets Meeting friends and foes along the way, I have to say that the scenes in this book are so gripping, so action filled that I found myself leaning forward, reading faster, ready to turn the page to see what happens That, to me, is the mark of a great author one who can use the written word to engage the reader as much or MORE than anything on the big screen I will b [...]

    12. Oh, What A Tangled Web woven Antiheroes, and guys, crooked cops, gratuitous sex but, not much , gratuitous violence, all those fun things that make a gritty crime novel with reading Along with initially reticent sidekick and sundry crooked folk, our severely damaged main character struggles to make sense of what he has been sucked into Not a book for the squeamish, a good afternoon read I m going for the second in the series now.

    13. DisappointingI thought that this was a story about a PI More like a story about a drunk He didn t have a clue that everyone was playing him Ending was cliche and expected The Tina and Marie were the only interesting characters What era was this set in Definitely before cellphones or the internet.

    14. the majority of this book consists of brutal episodes of extreme violence involving the main character I wondered what the purpose of it all was In a flurry at the end pieces from previous events were yanked into a complex storyline of corruption This could have been greate writing is goode structure is its weakness for me.

    15. Non stop actionThis was a real page turner Lots of questions weren t answered until the final chapter, but the action held my attention until then I expect Mac and Augie will keep things lovely or maybe deadly in the remaining books of this trilogy.

    16. Not exactly an uplifting book The story was reasonably good with lots of twists and turns Tough to tell who was the good guy and who was the bad guy A little too much fighting and violence for my tastes.

    17. Good bookI do love a book that starts very quietly for a wee while and the starts to wind up Slowly at first then into full running speed This is the book that does it Sneaks up on you and grips your imagination so you cannot put it down.

    18. Tragedy and glory go hand in hand as family feuds festerA great prelude to a series of 3 titles which will shock, devestate, thrill and appalling you A must read starter to a thoroughly intriguing trilogy.

    19. This one was an inexpensive Kindle offer, and it was no than OK The characters had very few if any redeeming characteristics, especially the main protagonist At least the plot moved on at a pace, and it kept me interested, if not actually inspired.

    20. Action PackedThis book will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish It s full of action, thrillers, and suspense Without giving away any spoilers didn t end the way I thought it would.

    21. Pretty goodReally fresh, nice plot, good, developed characters It moves at a steady pace to keep you interested Even though there are only small unknowns but it is pleasant read, hard to put down

    22. A very good mystery Well written with a good plot.This a dark book that is a little slow in developing The characters are a little slow in coming together The ending was very interesting and I will probably read the next book in the series.

    23. It was hard to put it down The story is well constructed with a lot of turns Everything is nice and tight, at a fast pace To top it all, no swearing I m looking forward to reading the next book and discovering how the protagonist will evolve

    24. I don t mind a flawed hero but this protagonist is an irresponsible drunken bum with no discernible redeeming qualities.

    25. Wow What a book.Terrific storyline by a unsung author Very difficult to put down Action packed with a great plot.Pure sixpence Enjoy

    26. Excellent writingI m glad that I found this author I find myself lost in his writing Daniel Judson is an author that everyone should follow.

    27. Loved itThis book grabbed your attention from the beginning I couldn t put it down I m anxious to read from this author.

    28. I liked it I liked the characters, I liked the plotline, I liked the twists A pretty good start to a trilogy I ll definitely read the second one

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