The Book of Stanley #2020

The Book of Stanley By Todd Babiak The Book of Stanley A riotous new novel from the bestselling author of the hit sensation The Garneau Block By all accounts Stanley Moss is an average man A retired florist he lives quietly with his wife Frieda in a
  • Title: The Book of Stanley
  • Author: Todd Babiak
  • ISBN: 9780771009891
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Book of Stanley By Todd Babiak A riotous new novel from the 1 bestselling author of the hit sensation The Garneau Block.By all accounts, Stanley Moss is an average man A retired florist, he lives quietly with his wife, Frieda, in a modest bungalow in Edmonton Stricken with cancer, Stanley has few wishes for the time he has left, except perhaps for his son to call him back But on the day of an appoinA riotous new novel from the 1 bestselling author of the hit sensation The Garneau Block.By all accounts, Stanley Moss is an average man A retired florist, he lives quietly with his wife, Frieda, in a modest bungalow in Edmonton Stricken with cancer, Stanley has few wishes for the time he has left, except perhaps for his son to call him back But on the day of an appointment with the palliative care specialist, Stanley experiences a boom and a flash, and then, a remarkable transformation He discovers he can read minds He can fulfill people s dreams He has the strength of ten men And, his illness has vanished What could this mean Could it be, as his New Age friend Alok believes, that Stanley s powers are divine Is Stanley, a confirmed agnostic, the new Messiah With Alok and a reluctant Frieda in tow, Stanley heads to Banff the most sacred place on earth to look for answers and find a way to use his new powers for good He encounters there his disciples a Vancouver TV executive, a pro hockey player from the Prairies and a teenage girl from suburban Montreal and together they start The Stan, a new religion, and invite the world to join When the world shows up, along with the international media and an angry long dead spiritualist, things take an unexpected turn.Satirical, fantastical, filled with humour and pointed observation about organized religion in the modern world, The Book of Stanley is a provocative co
    The Book of Stanley By Todd Babiak

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    1. Seems fitting that the last book I will read in 2017, on the last day of the year, is all about life and change and choice and challenge And that it is partially set in my hometown I was in love with the prose and visceral imagery from early on The book made my heart squeeze, the characters left me with a grin Todd Babiuk is an excellent writer.I loved this book.

    2. This satirical novel has some interesting lessons for our time a religion for today has to be intensely personal while a spiritual movement needs marketing, every new belief system will draw its shares of detractors, a religion is powerful with an absent leader, belief is what is missing in our lives and my best everything and everyone is God Stanley, a retired florist dying of cancer, is given a chance of immortality and wisdom by becoming God Yes, his cancer goes into remission, he is able to [...]

    3. This is the story of an everyman, dying of cancer, who all of a sudden has a change or revelation, and may or may not be God The story is intended to be humorous, and to raise questions about the role of religion, and how it is perceived While there are some funny moments the Wiccan who adopted some rituals from the Freemasons, but they are not like the Wiccans, but are mostly old men in Buicks a lot of this does not come off as funny as intended a religion called The Stan, after the principal c [...]

    4. I liked this book, but I know it won t be for everyone To be honest, it almost wasn t for me.The Book of Stanley is well written, and there s a pretty interesting idea behind the plot But it didn t pull me in quite as much as I would have liked it to, or as much as I originally expected it to What kept me reading were the characters Each one was very well developed, and I found that I was able to connect with almost all of them on some level.I found that a big aspect of the book was human nature [...]

    5. I finished this book awhile ago but forgot I had a account, and didn t update until now Still, the story stuck with me because it was a very realistic depiction of the way religion can play out in people s lives While I don t remember the characters names, I recall a girl who was looking for God because she thought it would make her selfish, one of those obnoxiously head in the clouds new age stereotypes who completely missed the point, and somebody who wanted to exploit the divine miracles to m [...]

    6. Interesting concept, a tad anti climatic I wish a in depth exploration of Svarga had transpired Bit of a missed opportunity there.I appreciate that the author stayed true to the character s personalities and didn t cave to conventional norms.The writing was fluid and it paced the story well For me, the most interesting character in the book was Tanya The embodiment of the loss of spirituality in millenials.7.5 10

    7. This was fairly disappointing I thought The Garneau Block was brilliant, albeit a bit uneven, social satire, so I had high hopes for this novel It had its moments, but I just couldn t relate to the characters, the satire felt blunted, the story seemed incoherent in places Maybe if I were religiously inclined I would have appreciated the satire

    8. I found this book depressing because it did a good job of capturing the essence of people s pursuits of spirituality, and the way many of us miss the point It was a good and entertaining read, though Babiak did a nice job of laying out humanity s selfishness and flaws.

    9. I than liked it 3 stars Todd Babiak must be such an entertaining person to hear at an author reading It would be great if he came to our library going to work on that Thankx for the book TB

    10. This book had a great premise, but I kept waiting for something to happen, and very little did I never felt close to any of the characters, so in the end I wasn t emotionally invested in any of their fates To sum up in a word anti climactic.

    11. What made this a 5 star book was the concept of being ordinary and having something extraordinary and life changing happen to you What would you do How would you cope Stanley is a salt of the earth type guy and his humbleness shines through in Babiaks writing.

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